Brush Pickup Schedule


Aransas Pass is sectioned into four different zones for brush pickup:
  • Section 1 (Pink) - is on the first Monday of the month. The area includes: North side of West Wheeler then along the Northeast side of Harrison to Commercial.
  • Section 2 (Orange) - is on the second Monday of the month. The area includes: Between West Wheeler and West Highland and East of 11th St. to Harrison then to Commercial.
  • Section 3 (Blue) - is on the third Monday of the month. The area includes: West Beasley and Highland then on the west side of 11th St. to West Wheeler then west to the city limits.
  • Section 4 (Yellow) - is on the fourth Monday of the month. The area includes: Everyone on the East side of South and North Commercial.


Republic (our waste management provider) requests that you only place brush on your property. Your property must receive City of Aransas Pass utilities to qualify for brush pickup. Please place your pile of brush out by your curb the Friday before your scheduled pickup.


  • Republic will not pick up brush if there are other items mixed into the pile.
  • The limit is 6 cubic yards (size of a small Volkswagen car). If you place more than 6 cubic yards on your property, Republic will leave the rest of the brush until the next cycle.


Aransas Pass residents with an active utility bill will receive a free monthly voucher that can be picked up at City Hall Utility Business Office. This voucher will allow you to dispose of brush or bulky items. This is a free service to residents. All others must pay the normal disposal charges. 

For More Information

Have any questions or concerns? Please contact the City of Aransas Pass Utilities Department at 361-758-5301.