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In striving for public service excellence, the Ed and Hazel Richmond Public Library is a welcoming community center whose staff, resources, programs, and services provide for the needs of our diverse community.

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    Adult Fiction

  • Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton
  • Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir
  • The Price of Duty by Dale Brown
  • New Boy by Tracy Chevalier
  • The Thirst by Jo Nesbo
  • Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout
  • Young Adult/Junior Fiction

  • The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan
  • Saint Death by Marcus Sedqwick
  • Bottom of the World by Bill Nye

Featured Author of the Month

Michael Crichton    

This month’s featured author is Michael Crichton John Michael Crichton was born on   October 23, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, to John Henderson Crichton, a journalist, and Zula Miller Crichton. He was raised on Long Island, in Roslyn, New York, and showed a keen interest in writing from a young age; at 14, he had a column related to travel published in The New York Times. Crichton had always planned on becoming a writer and began his studies at Harvard College in 1960. During his undergraduate study in literature, he conducted an experiment to expose a professor who he believed was giving him abnormally low marks and criticizing his literary style. Informing another professor of his suspicions, Crichton submitted an essay by George Orwell under his own name.  The paper was returned by his unwitting professor with a mark of "B” His issues with the English department led Crichton to switch his undergraduate concentration; he obtained his bachelor's degree in biological anthropology summa cum laude in 1964 and was initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa Society.  According to Crichton's brother Douglas, Crichton was diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2008.  In accordance with the private way in which Crichton lived, his cancer was not made public until his death. He was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the time of his death, and Crichton's physicians and relatives had been expecting him to recover. He died at age 66 on November 4, 2008.

 Odds On was Michael Crichton's first published novel. It was published in 1966, under the pseudonym of John Lange.  In 1968, he published two novels, Easy Go and A Case of Need, the second of which was re-published in 1993, under his real name The novel would prove a turning point in Crichton's future novels, in which technology is important in the subject matter, although this novel was as much about medical practice. The novel earned him an Edgar Award in 1969.The last novel published while he was still living was Next, in 2006.  Pirate Latitudes was    found as a manuscript on one of his computers after his death and was published in   November 2009.  Additionally, Crichton had completed the outline for and was roughly a third of the way through a novel titled MicroMicro was completed by Richard Preston and was published in November 2011.On July 28, 2016, Michael Crichton's website and HarperCollins published a press release saying that a new Michael Crichton novel will be published in May 2017 called Dragon Teeth.


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